Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011, a Photo Tour

This year, Livie was a pink pony for Halloween. She used the cute little ghosty bag we'd gotten for her around Halloween in 2005, while I was still pregnant.

Here's the "photo tour" of our night of trick or treating:
She's ready to go!

Posing next to the jack-o-lanterns!

Showing off the "pony tail"!

Mid-trick or treat; "Which way, now?"

"Mama, no more pictures!"

Seamus the Halloween Kitty.

"The Orange House"

The "house with the skeleton in the cage" (near the door).

Tired (after two hours of trick or treating)!

Lots of loot!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What a cute pink pony!

Jill said...

Ahh...she's adorable! Love her ghost bag too. She really filled 'er up! :)

Michaele said...

Love her bag! And a can of pop? Really?

Ellie said...

Awe she looks soooo cute in her pony costume. That little lot in her bag should keep her going a day or two lol.

Randy said...

Isn't it all about the bag and the shoes? Wonderful shots.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Love the costume! And she made quite the haul. :)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Sonya, you have an award to pick up over at my place... :)

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