Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Award from "A Rural Journal"

A few weeks back, I was given an award by Nancy at A Rural Journal - the "Tell Me About Yourself" award. Well, it's taken me a while to say "thanks" and to participate, but I'm absolutely sure Nancy will understand. (See, I had another midterm, a couple papers to write, and some research to accomplish, so I was a bit busy.)

Anyway, in giving me the "Tell Me About Yourself" award, she's asking me to provide seven facts about myself that have not been previously revealed (anywhere in Under the Desert Sky or elsewhere, I suppose).

So here are the seven facts:
  1. I'm afraid of driving across big bridges like the Delaware Memorial Bridge. If someone else is driving and I'm just a passenger, then I'm fine. But if I drive . . . well, I get really, really scared. I have to admit that I was a bit freaked out just looking at that Delaware Memorial Bridge photo (posted below). Once, I had to drive over a big bridge by myself at night, and by the time I got to the other side, I was crying hard! So chances are I won't personally drive myself over something like the Golden Gate Bridge, if I can help it!
  2.  While I've been known to enjoy downhill skiing (in the beautiful mountains of "the big square states" like Utah and Colorado, but also in Maine and Michigan), I'm uncomfortable with heights. Okay, not deathly afraid (like when I'm driving on a big bridge), but uncomfortable (basically if I'm on a ski lift, I like to be on one side or the other - if it's a three-person lift, for instance - and not stuck in the middle, so I have something to hold on to). 
  3. My dad claims that I was reading by the time I'd started Kindergarten. I have no way to verify this, of course, although I do remember early memories where I knew how to read.When I asked my mom how old I was when I first started reading, she doesn't remember exactly how old I was, but said "Well, you were pretty young."
  4. Okay, so if you're an Under the Desert Sky "regular," you probably know I enjoy reading. A lot. I love browsing in bookstores and libraries. However, the first time I walked into the University of Iowa's Main Library, I was overwhelmed - intimidated! I wanted to leave a breadcrumb trail, so I could find my way out!
  5. I don't care for either pork chops or salmon. By the way, guess what was on the menu at the reception after Andrew and I got married (the church wedding, no the justice of the peace)? Filet mignon (yummo!!) and . . . salmon! Bwahaha! (I ate some of it, though. It was well prepared, but not my favorite thing on the menu.) While I suggested what would be on the menu, my mom added her touches, obviously.
  6. I used to play the piano; I was actually able to read music, too! (I have forgotten all of that by now, though, which is unfortunate.)
  7. I loved wearing a uniform every day. It made picking what to wear every morning so much easier! And like Nancy mentioned in her list, I prefer my uniform's steel-toe boots over high heels any day. They are much more comfortable!!

Southbound Delaware Memorial Bridge from Wikipedia. Photo by C. Prisciandaro, 2006.


Randy said...

Excellent post.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh, I have a friend who's terrified of that same bridge. Sometimes he calls me for support when he has to drive over. You're not alone!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Thanks for participating, Sonya. Great to learn more about you. :)

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