Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Time to Get Up!

Recently, Livie has become interested in getting up with the help of an alarm clock. I'm not exactly sure why, but I guess it's the whole novelty of it; she's just really excited and interested in having an alarm clock beeping her awake every morning.

Wait 'til she has to wake up early every morning . . . right?! (I'm a naturally early riser, but even I didn't like getting up at 4:30 AM all that much when I worked full-time.)

She's always been a pretty early riser, though, regularly getting up on her own sometime between 6:30 AM - 7:00 AM. Yet, there's something about getting up with an alarm clock that's so fascinating to her, though . . . maybe it's because Daddy has to use one every week day morning. And, of course, I need to use one, too, when school's in session.

Anyway, Monday evening, she really, really wanted to use an alarm clock to help her get up the next morning. She was going to have french toast sticks at Pre-K in the morning and wanted to be up and at 'em (they're doing a daily "summer camp" program thing for the next few weeks, so it's not actually Pre-K now that it's summer).

And who wants to miss french toast sticks, right?! So Andrew got his travel alarm clock out and asked her what time he should set it for - she said, "Ask Mama. She'll tell you a good time."

Okay . . . "Well, 6:50 AM seems like it would be good." Let me tell you, Livie was so excited that Daddy had set his travel alarm clock to help her wake up the next morning!!

Well, the next morning, just as I was waking up (around 6:30 AM), I heard some rustling around from out in the hallway. As I yawned and stretched, trying to get rid of my grogginess, Liv came into my room, and over to my side of the bed. She was carrying the travel clock in her hands, cradling it in her palms as though she were carrying an egg.

"It didn't do anything, yet. Isn't it supposed to beep?"

"Yes, sweetie. But it's not time, yet. You woke up before the alarm went off."

"Now what?"

"Go back to bed, get comfy, and just wait for it to beep. It'll go off in about 20 minutes."

So she headed back to her room, but instead of getting back into bed, she got cozy on her oversized bean bag chair and waited for the clock to beep. And when it did, she was so excited!

And boy, was she excited when she got to Pre-K yesterday morning, after having used an alarm clock for the first time!

Of course, last night, she wanted to make sure she was able to use it again this morning. Daddy made sure it was all set to go off at 6:50 AM, again.

This time, though, she slept until it went off. I peeked into her room as she was getting out of bed to turn it off. And I watched her crawl right back into bed after she turned it off.

I asked her, "Are you okay?"

"I'm still kinda sleepy." (And a bit grumpy, I would say, but I think that's because we she went to bed about 30 minutes late; we stayed up to catch (and release) fireflies last night, in our front yard.)

Here's where she ended up as soon as she turned off the alarm clock - nice and cozy.

She's grumpily telling me she was still sleepy. And not pleased to see me with my camera, taking aim directly at her!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

LOL, might as well start the hatred of the alarm early.

Love the color of her room!

Crosby Kenyon said...

She already has the hang of it. If only all lessons came so easily.

Jill said...

As the old saying goes...we need to be careful what we wish for...even as kids. Love that color!

Michaele said...

I agree with Lisa on this. Might as well get it over with. lol

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