Friday, June 10, 2011

Memory Lane Friday - No Theme

Well, we've got another no-theme week. So I think I'll take advantage of that and relay a conversation I had with Livie while we were in the car the other day.

See, I have satellite radio in my SUV. Liv and I like to listen to various types of music while we're driving somewhere, one of them being the occasional "Broadway" song.

Well, the other day, a song from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, came on (the calypso song). Now, I've seen this show 3 (or 4) times. I've seen the professional touring show 2 (or 3) times and then I saw my local community theater's performance. So I like listening to this show's songs when they're played on the Broadway channel.

So . . . the second time I saw the professional touring show was in the early '90s in Chicago. I think it was at the Chicago Theater. Anyway, my mom, brothers, Uncle Hector, my grandparents, and I went to see the show. I was really excited because it was a fun show to watch, with all the great songs, dancing, costumes, and such. And it starred Donny Osmond as Joseph, so that made it particularly fun - seeing a famous person perform and all.

So when Livie and I heard the song on satellite radio, I told her about the second time I saw the show.

Here's what happened. When we all got to the theater and went down the aisle to find our seats, I ended up next to Hector. At some point during the show, he'd made a comment about Donny Osmond's hair, and how he wasn't used to seeing Donny with "long" hair (it was about shoulder length).

I told Hector that it was a wig. I'd seen the show before and knew he'd come out for the curtain call without the wig. Plus, I'd seen him on TV doing a live interview just a few days prior, and saw that he was sporting his usual short hair.

But Hector didn't believe me. Every so often, he'd whisper a comment about how it was Donny's real hair, not a wig. He just couldn't get over Donny's long hair. I kept responding, "I'm telling you - it's a wig." But he just did not believe me. He kept insisting it was Donny's real hair!

So at the end when the actors came out for the curtain call, there was Donny Osmond with short hair! Hector and I looked at each other and laughed. All he could say was, "You were right! It was a wig!"

Livie got a kick out of this memory. She wondered a couple things, though. She wondered why Hector didn't believe me at first. And she wondered why a man would wear a wig. I told her that sometimes men, when they're acting, will wear wigs, just like ladies do (like Abuelita occasionally does when she ballroom dances). And as far as why Hector didn't believe me at first? Well, I explained that the costume and makeup people did a great job helping Donny get ready; that's why Hector thought the wig was real. They helped him make sure everything looked just right.

Since this post was about sharing a "Hector" memory with Livie, here's a photo of the two of them together. She was about 9-months-old in this photo.

Please come back next week when the Memory Lane Friday topic will be either another "No Theme" or "My Dad."

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh how funny! A wig! :-) Cute picture too!

Nancy said...

Cute story! Poor Hector. He's a hard man to convince! :)

Dianna said...

Cute story!
Visiting from Memory Lane.

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