Friday, March 18, 2011

Memory Lane Friday - Kindergarten

This week's Memory Lane Friday theme is "Kindergarten."

Now I can't really remember much about Kindergarten, specifically. However, I remember a story my mom told my grandmother (Oma) in a letter about one of my Kindergarten experiences. Oma eventually gave me that letter in a packet of mementos she'd saved (cards I got for my birthday, a lock of hair from my first hair cut, a flower I'd picked for her, etc.).

So here's the thing . . . apparently I was at Kindergarten one day and my mom had come to pick me up. When she came in to get me, I was playing at the play-kitchen. She watched me for a few moments, as I did chef-like things with pots, pans, the water faucet (the pretend one), and such.

At some point, before I realized she was standing there watching me, she saw that in the sink, I had the "class mascot" - the hamster! The real one! I had him in the sink and was "washing" him!!

She saw that I was being gentle with him (as gentle as a 5-year-old can be), and just really affectionate, as though he were my very own pet.

And then, so I could do something else "chef-like," I put the hamster in a pot (I guess so he wouldn't get away?) and set him on the play-kitchen's counter, to do something else at the little kitchen.

At this point, she had stepped in and made her presence known to me. I can't picture her ever touching a hamster (even when she was younger), so I'm assuming she either got the teacher's attention and had her come over to the play-kitchen, or she took the pot and hamster over to the teacher.

I get a kick out of this image, because it IS funny, and also because I can picture Livie doing the same thing.

Please come back next week when the theme is "First Grade."

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1 comment:

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That is SO funny! I can totally picture it. Wonder what the teacher thought?

So if Livie wants a hamster one day, will she get one?

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