Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guess who wanted to dress up?

This morning when Livie got up, she decided to play dress-up before breakfast.

Here's the result:

She's wearing her "Hello Kitty" pajamas, some dress-up shoes, a fancy headband with pretty flower, pink-and-purple tutu, some fairy wings, and a blingy bracelet. Oh, and I can't forget the pink lipstick!

After eating breakfast dressed up like this, she got to dress up again, changing into her St. Patrick's Day outfit - a green shirt with a shamrock made of bling, and some black pants and her black dress shoes. I didn't get a photo - I know, I know - I should have because it was so cute. Maybe this afternoon when she gets back from Pre-K.

And now I have to hit the books. I must take a break from procrastinating, so I can get a little bit of school work accomplished! 


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh she is cute! All that pink :-)

laughwithusblog said...

She must be a chipper early riser! The dress up times are so fun.

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