Thursday, June 10, 2010

A great day to be a Chicago Blackhawks fan!!

Woo hoo!! After 49 years, the Chicago Blackhawks have finally won another Stanley Cup!! Yee Haw!!!!

(The video is from The Chicago Blackhawks' Facebook page.)

Who would've thought this day would FINALLY come? I mean, who among die-hard Blackhawks fans?! I wished it would happen, willed it to happen, but in all my years as a Blackhawks fan, the dream always slipped away, sending the Blackhawks golfing -  many times before the playoffs even started and sometimes quite early in the playoff season.

Now that it's happened, I still can't believe it. It's like I dreamed it. It makes me homesick for the Chicagoland area . . . I'm glad they finally won, but of course it had to happen when I live far away. Isn't that how it always works?

But seriously, as a Blackhawks fan, this is just an awesome moment.Their last Stanley Cup win was in the spring of 1961, when Kennedy was still President. I wasn't born until autumn 1970. It's just too fun knowing that they've finally won, and Livie and I got to see it!

Just so you know, I am doing my best to help Livie become a big Blackhawks fan, just like me. I can't wait to take her to a home game at the United Center with my brother (her Uncle Joe) . . . we'll get some of those United Center nachos, a soda for her, and a beer for myself and Joe.

Last night during the first period, she even said she'd like to see a game in person. So maybe next season . . .

Here she is wearing her "Blackhawks Diva" bling shirt:

Thanks to our cousin Christine from the great state of Texas (home of the NHL's Stars, of all places!) for getting Livie's fantastic "Blackhawks Diva" tee. There's bling on it! Liv loves it because it says "Blackhawks" AND it also has bling! And I think she also likes the fact that it says "Diva" on it . . . while she wouldn't admit she likes it, she DID go around saying, "I'm a diva" this morning.


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