Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Year in Books (2015)

Hi everyone! I know I've left my blog in a sad ghost-town state. But I'm back to close out 2015, though, and will try to post a little something monthly (or, at least a little more regularly) in 2016.

As in years past, I have been fond of closing out the year with a "year in books" that Lisa over at Two Bears Farm got me hooked on in 2010.

The idea was for me to answer the following prompts with titles of books I had read in 2015 (and they are basically the same prompts from year to year, since I started doing this).

Here's my year in books:
1..  Describe yourself:  Messenger (Craig Johnson)
2.  How do you feel?  Endangered (C.J. Box)
3.  Describe where you currently live.  Peril at End House (Agatha Christie)
4.  If you could go anywhere, where would you go?  Duma Key (Stephen King)
5.  Your favorite form of transportation?  Divorce Horse (Craig Johnson)
6.  Your best friend is: Radiant Angel (Nelson DeMille)
7.  You and your friends are: Junkyard Dogs (Craig Johnson)
8.  What's the weather like?  The Long Winter (Laura Ingalls Wilder)
9.  What is life to you?  Medium Raw (Anthony Bourdain)
10.  Favorite time of day? The Dark Horse (Craig Johnson)
11.  Your Fear?  The Pharaoh’s Secret (Clive Cussler)
12.  What is the best advice you have to give? Wait for Signs (Craig Johnson)
13.  Thought for the day:  Brush Back (Sara Paretsky)
14.  How I would like to die: A Serpent’s Tooth (Craig Johnson)
15.  My soul's present condition:  Rock With Wings (Anne Hillerman)

It's a fun little "creative" exercise, don't you think?

I hope you all read lots of good books in 2015. I sure have some books I'm currently reading, as well as a nice stack waiting on my nightstand (and wishlist in the coming months). 

And since I don't have any pics of books, I'll add a pic of Liv on the Culver Academies campus, with the Huffington Library in the background. 

This pic was taken during the summer of 2015, during Liv's first (bronze butterfly) summer in Culver's Woodcraft Camp. I had signed her out on "permit" on a weekend afternoon to go out to to lunch and hang out a bit. 

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy whatever you have planned for New Year's Eve (we're staying home with a game of Scrabble and sparkling grape juice for Liv and mimosas for the adults). I also hope that 2016 is full of positive experiences for all of you.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Great list! I have only read 4 and 8. I read 113 this year. Not as many as last year but still a good year.

Pam said...

This was a fun post! Happy New Years! :)

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