Monday, May 14, 2012

Special Artwork

On Friday, Livie came home from school with some special artwork. She'd made me a Mother's Day card, with some special things she'd written about me.

Here's the front and back of the card. (If you click on the middle of the photo to enlarge it, you can see where it would be folded in half, with the right side being the front, and the left side being the back):
Mother's Day card, 2012, front and back.
The "front" of the card depicts Livie (in the middle), me on the right (she even included my glasses!!) and Andrew on the left (in his standard "military" haircut).

The back has "I Love Mom" and a rainbow. 

And here's the inside (again, if you click on the photo, you'll get a better view of it):
Mother's Day card, 2012, inside.
Here's the "translation" . . .

My Mom
By Olivia
My mom is spectacular!
She likes to speak Spanish
She makes yummy Christmas cookies
She always loves me
The best thing about my mom is she goes on adventures with me

I had to have her read the card to me so I could make sure I was reading her writing correctly! (She's in Kindergarten, so her handwriting skills can only get better!)

I got a kick out of the fact that she put that I like to speak Spanish! Even though I majored in Spanish while getting my undergraduate degree (actually I double-majored in Spanish and Philosophy), I rarely speak Spanish at home. So that's why I thought it was funny that she says I like to speak Spanish! I'm thinking that she heard me speaking Spanish with my grandmother the last time we visited her at my parents' house. (My grandmother is bilingual.)


Nezzy said...

Oh darlin' aren't those precious cards the best! Hang on to that one's a keeper for sure!

Have yourself a marvelously blessed and beautiful week sweetie!!!

Teresa said...

Those are keepers. My kindergartener gave me something similar yesterday--I always get choked up, but I am also surprised at how observant they really are when it comes to remembering certain things about me.

Out of the mouth of babes!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What a great card - definitely one to hang on to!

Jill said...

There is NOTHING better than a handmade Mother's Day card for our children. Livie did a great job!

Nancy said...

That one's a keeper, Mom! :)

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