Sunday, September 25, 2011

Abuelita's Surprise Visit

Yesterday, Abuelita made a surprise visit, coming out to see us (Livie, in particular) for the day. We had great adventures! Check out the photo tour of our day:
First, we stopped at Liv's school to show Abuelita where Liv gets picked up every afternoon.

Then we showed her the playground.

We then went to a local farm where they offer pony rides. Liv chose to ride Princess.

Here's Liv on Princess. She LOVES Princess. So cute!

How was the ride? She gives it a "thumbs up"!

Now it's time to pose with the ghosties and pumpkins.

Should we get one of these pretty pumpkins?

We're going out to the field to find the right one!

Liv and Daddy look around.

We even get Abuelita to "rough it" out in the field, and I used my camera to capture the moment!

Time for a photo op on the straw bales.

And another photo op with the fall decorations.

A corn field, as most corn fields look early in the autumn.

Next, we went to the local high school to enjoy a marching band competition.

Liv's in the stadium.

Daddy, Abuelita, and Liv are having fun!

Liv and Abuelita enjoyed spending the day together.


Ellie said...

Hi Sonia, I got your cards on Saturday - thanks very much I loved looking at them.
It looks like you all had a good time. And all of those pumpkins - wow there is a lot.
Take care, Ellie

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Now that looks like a fun visit! Liv is so cute on Princess.

Jill said...

What a fun day! Surprise visits are the best.

Michaele said...

That has got to be on the top of her "best days ever" list. Again - I LOVE her clothes.

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